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ENG 6005 Scholarly Writing and Research

Class 6:Methods and Workshop

Reading: Chadwick Allen. "Serpentine Figures, Sinuous Relations: Thematic Geometry in Allison Hedge Coke’s Blood Run" American Literature 82.4 (2010): 807-834.(Brianna assigned to lead)

      Class Objectives:

      Reflect on writing practice and goals
      Effective thesis statements

      Due for today:

      Peer review essay by Brianna

      Post #5 on methodology in Allen

    Notes and Discussion Questions:

      1: Writing Workshop -- Brianna

      2: Break

      3: Methods

        Brianna will lead our discussion of methods in the Allen article. We will also focus on effective thesis statements drawing on Allen, Swarts and Kociszewska.

      4: Conclusions

        Reminder for next week's assignments.

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