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ENG 6005 Scholarly Writing and Research

Class 3: Finding and Assessing Research

      Class Objectives:

      Reflect on writing practice and goals
      Discuss Award Winning articles in your discipline
      Discuss how to evaluate an article and collaborate on article rubric
      Choose award winning articles for class syllabus
      Discuss Research Plans and Sign up to meet with instructor to discuss Research Plan for 2014
      Sign up for workshop dates and article discussion

      Due for today:


        MLA Style Guide
        Selections from Fowler

      Post #2 on Award Winning articles

      Notes and Discussion Questions:

      1: Award winning articles

        In class we will review lists of titles of award winning articles and books from CCCC and MLA. Then each student will discuss individual subdiscipline awards and compare. Discuss trends, commonalities, implications for current research.

      2: How to evaluate an article

        What makes an article award-winning? What makes a good article? We will discuss article evaluation: (abstract, introduction, methods, discussion of literature, analysis, conclusion AND discipline/interdisciplinarity, argument/thesis, significance, purpose).

        As a group we will create an article rubric to use in evaluating articles; we will use Google Docs on Canvas collaborations. To get started, please see the criteria outlined in the workshop guidelines on the syllabus.

      3: Break

      4: Choose articles for syllabus

      5: In Class Revision Assignment

        Outline your article based on the categories discussed. Are are the parts represented? Where are the strengths? Where are the weaknesses? What do you need to add? What might you reduce?

      6: Conclusions

        Sign up for workshop dates and article discussion.
        Reminder: mandatory attendance at Big Data colloquium on Friday morning.

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