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    LIT 4386 British and American Literature by Women

    Class 20

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    Post 9 Group B

    Class Objectives:

  • To begin synthesis for this section of course

Notes and Discussion Questions:

1. Synthesize writings for this section

Think about the works for this section (and the midterm on Thursday).

One of the ways these works are similar is in their representation of TABOO subjects. Analyze how each of these works represents taboo subjects. (If you have read ahead, also include "Miss Olgilvy Finds herself."

What are the taboo subjects represented?

What strategies does the author use to represent them?

Examine how each work finds way to resist the confining social roles for women and, in particular, the ways in which their sexuality is controlled. In doing so the authors re-vise or reenvision what it means to be a woman. Each work shows the power of creativity - female creativity - to resist and revise. Explore.