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ENL 3251
British Literature 1780-1900

Spring 1998
Time: Tuesday/Thursday 10:00 - 11:15 am
Room: DAV 232

    This course is designed to meet the following objectives:

    for students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the poetry, fiction and prose produced in England during the Romantic and Victorian periods;

    for students to demonstrate an understanding of the history of British literature and the historical contexts of the works from 1780-1900;

    for students to form and express critical opinions about the themes and developments in the literature through cooperative learning strategies in the classroom and through weekly informal posts to the class list-serv;

    for students to develop formal writing skills through the writing-intensive focus of the classroom;

    for students to develop critical thinking skills that will increase their ability to analyze language and meaning in a variety of contexts.

Required Texts

(All assignments must be read in full before the date of discussion.)

The Norton Anthology of English Literature Vol. 2 (Sixth Edition),;Ed. by M. H. Abrams, 1993

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus, The 1818 Text,Ed. by James Reiger (Univ. of Chicago Press, 1974)

George Eliot, Silas Marner.;Anne Smith ed. (C.E. Tuttle, 1993)

Recommended Texts

Hugh C. Holman and William Harmon, A Handbook to Literature 6th Edition , (Macmillan, 1991)

Harvey BirenbaumThe Happy Critic (Mayfield Publishing Company, 1997)

Electronic Media

For an general introduction to List-serv and Internet functions, see USF Academic Computing Home Page.

Electronic discussion group -- e-mail distribution list to be developed. All members required to participate in electronic discussion, to submit weekly writings, post queries, answer and respond to others. Ideal for discussing drafts and passing along last minute information.
My website: information on class, assignments and links to other important sites on literature, etc.


Date Readings
1/6 Introductions: -- Computers and Collaborative learning
1/8 Intro: "The Romantic Period" 1-18; Blake: From Songs of Innocence and of Experience: "The Lamb" (29), "The Chimney Sweeper" (30), "The Chimney Sweeper" (35), "The Tyger" (37), (39), The Happy Critic, intro. chaps. 1&2; Weekly Post #1
1/13 Wordsworth (126-129), "We are Seven" (132), "Expostulation and Reply" (134), "Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey" (136); "I wandered lonely as a cloud" (186); "My heart leaps up" (187)
1/15 Wordsworth; Intimations Ode (189); Weekly Post # 2
1/20 Wordsworth, Preface to Lyrical Ballads (140-152); Coleridge, Biographia Literaria (381-392); Happy Critic chaps. 3, 4 & 7
1/22 Microdraft Due -- Film --Sense and Sensibility (2 hours)
1/27 Coleridge (323-326), "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" (330), "Kubla Khan" (346); Weekly Post # 3
1/29 Coleridge: "Frost at Midnight" (365), "Dejection: An Ode" (366); Essay #1 due
2/3 M. W. Shelley, Frankenstein
2/5 Shelley, cont.; Weekly Post #4
2/10 P. B. Shelley (643-647),"Mutability" (647), "Hymn to Intellectual Beauty" (670)
2/12 P. B. Shelley, "Ode to the West Wind" (676); "England in 1819" (674); Weekly Post # 5
2/17 P. B. Shelley, Defense of Poetry (752); Keats, letters (828-837); Microdrafts due
2/19 Keats (766-769), "When I have fears that I may cease to be" (776), "Why did I laugh tonight?" (786), "Bright star, would I were as stedfast as thou art" (786) Workshop writing; Weekly Post # 6
2/24 Keats, "Ode on a Grecian Urn" (792), "To Autumn" (813) Essay # 2 due
2/26 Intro to "The Victorian Age" (891-910), Barrett Browning (1029-1031), From Aurora Leigh (1034-1048)
3/3 Barrett Browning, Sonnets from the Portuguese (1031-1032)Weekly Post # 7 due.
3/5 Tennyson, (1052-1056), "The Lady of Shalott" (1059), "Locksley Hall" (1073)
3/17 Tennyson, "The Lotus Eaters" (1065), "Ulysses" (1067);Weekly Post # 8 .
3/19 Browning, (1182-1187), "Porphyria's Lover" (1187), "My last Duchess" (1190)
3/24> Browning, "Fra Lippo Lippi" (1211); "Andrea del Sarto" (1222); Weekly Post #9
3/26 Eliot, Silas Marner
3/31 Eliot, cont.; Weekly Post #10
4/2 Victorian Issues: Evolution (1571-1578); Industrialism (Engels, Kingsley, Dickens 1586-1594); Film (TBA) -- Weekly Post # 11
4/7 Arnold (1344-1349), "The Buried Life" (1354), "Isolation: To Marguerite" (1352; "To Marguerite -- Continued" (1353); "Dover Beach" (1366); Microdraft due
4/9 Arnold, The Function of Criticism (1389-1403) Workshop Writing Weekly Post # 12
4/14 Pre-Raphaelites: D. G. Rossetti (1460-1), "The Blessed Damozel" (1461); C. Rossetti (1472-3), "Goblin Market" (1479); Essay 3 Due
4/16 Aestheticism: Ruskin (1273-5, 1276, 1278-9); Pater (1526-1530, 1532-4); Swinburne (1509-10), "The Garden of Prosperine" (1517); Weekly Post # 13;
4/21 Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest (1628)
4/23 Review; Weekly Post #14

Graded Assignments

Regular attendance and active participation in discussions 5%
Weekly Postings (14) 20%
Essay 1 -- 2 pages (explication) 15%
Essay 2 -- 3 pages (analysis) 15%
Essay 3 -- 7 pages (critical thinking / relevance paper) 20%
Final exam 25%

This syllabus is subject to change.

** Students who anticipate the necessity of being absent from class due to the observation of a major religious observance must provide notice of the date(s) to the instructor, in writing, by the second class meeting.

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