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Film Discussion

    Due -- The evening before Oct. 3 or Nov. 28

    Length: Varies


Students should use the discussion board on the class Blackboard site to post their discussion questions or activities for the film they have chosen. We will be discussing two films in class, and each student is required to pose a thoughtful discussion question, series of ideas to discuss, or in-class activity to promote discussion of one film. Please consult this discussion board before writing your question so as to avoid repeating any ideas posted by another student. You will receive credit for original, thoughtful, and pertinent contributions. One objective for watching films in this class is to make the remote historical period seem more real to you as a student. You might begin by analyzing the way the film represents the seventeenth or eighteenth century and how that enhances your understanding of specific works. Try to avoid overly restricted questions or plot summary questions (i.e. Why does Charles II take away Merivel's estate), but also try to avoid overly general questions that are difficult to answer effectively (i.e. what role does science play in _Restoration_?). Good discussion questions strike a balance between specificity and open-endedness.

Please post these questions by midnight the night before class so that I can organize them for class discussion.

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