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ENL 3230
British Literature 1616-1780

Class 17

    Oct 26: No Class - work on history project -

    DUE: Midterm "Letter to the Professor" in lieu of Post 8-- Both Groups

    Class Objectives:

  • To provide a midterm self-assessment
  • To work independently on your historical research

    While there will be no class meeting today, you are expected to do two important things. The first is to provide a brief midterm self-assessment in lieu of your weekly post. This will be due from both groups on Thursday. Please do not post this to the discussion board. You can send me this privately as an email:

    In your self-assessment, consider the objectives of the class and how you feel you are meeting them. You can provide feedback on the methods of the class and the materials. I am particularly interested in hearing any feedback (positive and negative constructive criticism) on the use of new technologies, like safe assignment, the use of track changes, and the Softchalk review quiz. Most importantly, though, I would like for you to consider where you are as a student and what you hope to get out of this class in the remaining six weeks of class. Provide some guidelines for yourself (and me) on how you might achieve these goals. And sign off in a cheery manner!

    The second thing I would like you to do on this "day off" is to start to think about your historical annotation and dig around in the research. You should begin by exploring the bibliographies and online sources reviewed earlier this semester.

    We will start analyzing the all-important Alexander Pope next week.

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