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ENL 3230
British Literature 1616-1780

Class 14

    Oct 12: Post #7 Due - Group B

    Class Objectives:

  • To conclude discussion of the novel
  • To analyze the heroic in context with Paradise Lost
  • To discuss heroism today

    Our final class on Oroonoko will pick up where we left off, and we will bring our focus back around to heroism. We will place this work in a literary context with Paradise Lost, and we can open up discussion to what the "heroic" might mean for today's audiences.

    Reading Notes and Discussion Questions:


    Remember that Behn's story of the Royal African Slave was written in 1688, about events that ostensibly took place nearly three and a half centuries ago. As such the story represents a distant and unfamiliar past. Still, the quality of Behn's writing allows the twenty-first century reader a sympathetic identification with its characters. What does the story have to say to you, today's reader? What thematic, historical, or literary value does it impart?

    How does this literary work fit into our discussion of heroism in this class? To what extent (and more importantly why) is Oroonoko a hero? How does Immoinda figure in the context of heroism? Is she heroic? Why? How does this work, published some twenty years after Paradise Lost comment on Milton's representation of heroism?

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