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    LIT 6236
    18th Century Novel and Theory

    Spring 2002
    Time: Tuesday 3:00-5:50 pm
    Room: CPR ???

      This course has been designed to meet the following objectives:

    • To analyze the "distinctive literary features" of the novel as it appeared in England in the eighteenth century and to understand the critical questions surrounding the emergence of this genre

    • To examine several theories of the origins of the novel in England; to assess them and place them within a critical context

    • To analyze several exemplary novels from the period; to form critical opinions about their historical, cultural, literary and analytical merits

  • Required Texts

  • Electronic Media

  • Schedule
  • Assignments

  • Related Sites

Required Texts

Ian Watt -- The Rise of the Novel
Daniel Defoe -- Robinson Crusoe
Michael McKeon -- Origins of the English Novel
Richetti, Backscheider, eds. -- Popular Fiction by Women 1660-1730
J. Paul Hunter -- Before Novels
Samuel Richardson -- Pamela
William Warner -- Licensing Entertainment
Henry Fielding -- Joseph Andrews
Reconsidering the Rise of the Novel, Eighteenth-Century Fiction 12.2-3 (Jan-Apr 2000)

Electronic Media

For an general introduction to List-serv and Internet functions, see USF Academic Computing Home Page.

Class List-serve: All members are required to participate in the electronic list. Each week one student will post his or her critical paper to the list; the rest of the class will post thoughtful responses to the paper and the reading for the week. This forum is also open for other relevant discussions. For further information see the description of class assignments.
My website: information on class, assignments and links to other important sites on literature, etc.


Day Date Class
W 1/8 Introductions
W 1/15 Watt (complete)
W 1/22 Robinson Crusoe complete)
W 1/29 McKeon, Intro & Part I (pp. 1-130)
W 2/5 McKeon, Part II (pp. 131-270)
W 2/12 Popular Fiction by Women Intro, Behn, Manley, Barker and Aubin
W 2/19 Popular Fiction by Women (Haywood, Davys
W 2/26 Hunter, Parts I & II + one chap. of your choice from III
W 3/5 Pamela Vol. 1 (pp 1-278)
W 3/19 Pamela Vols.2 (pp. 279-516)
Book Review Due
W 3/26 Warner, Pref & chaps. 1-3
W 4/2 Warner, chaps 4-6
W 4/9 Joseph Andrews (intro, Books I-II)
W 4/16 Joseph Andrews (Books III-IV)
W 4/23 Reconsidering the Rise of the Novel

Graded Assignments

Weekly Postings to class list-serv -- 25%

Book Review (3-5 pages) due 3/19 -- 20%

Reception Essay (5-6 pages) -- 25%

Take-home Essay (5 pages) -- 30%

This syllabus is subject to change.

** Students who anticipate the necessity of being absent from class due to the observation of a major religious observance must provide notice of the date(s) to the instructor, in writing, by the second class meeting.

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