INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 1994, 33, 4617-4618

An Ytterbium(III) Complex of Daunomycin, a Model Metal Complex of Anthracycline Antibiotics

Li-June Ming* and Xiangdong Wei
Department of Chemistry and Institute for Biomolecular Science
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL 33620-5250

The activity and toxicity of the anthracycline antibiotics are due to their redox activity, DNA and phospholipid binding capabilities, and metal affinities. We report here the study of metal-anthracycline interactions using paramagnetic Yb3+ as a probe; a 1:1 Yb3+-daunomycin complex was prepared with its isotropically shifted H-1 NMR features fully assigned using 2D NMR techniques. This study provides the means for future study of the role of metal ions in anthacycline-biomolecule interactions.

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