Symphony is not as cute as Opus, but he looks more like a dog!   (Joan's comment.)  And... he is smarter!  He has already been housebroken when he was only three-month old, and it took us only about two weeks to train him!  Opus?  Still learning (and he is older)!  Any more tricks?  He knows to wait for permission when we prepare his food, and walk slowly to the food, then eats without a manner!  We are working on his manner now!  He knows to give you five, just not strong enough!  We doubt that he can be a good hunting dog, since he is kind of timid to quite a lot things, like lawn mower, vacuum cleaner, strangers, and...!  We need to find more time to walk him, to expose him to the world, people, cars, sounds,....  Time, time, time!!!   (Will have some of his pictures here later WHEN I HAVE TIME!)

Here you go! (November 1998)

(Pictures of Symphony & Opus together)