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Modern Literature




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This USF WebCT course examines major literary works and their expression

of the great issues of the modern era (the last hundred years or so).


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Fulfills Liberal Arts Exit Requirements

Under "Literature and Writing" OR

"Major Works and Major Issues" (Your Choice).

It's also a Gordon Rule course

(which means there's lots of writing and that your grade

will depend considerably upon the quality of your writing.

Remedial work may be required to correct specific writing deficiencies).


There are no classroom meetings because everything is done on this web site--

lectures, discussions, quizzes, exams, papers, email,

most of which you'll be able to do at a time convenient to you,

within scheduled parameters.


There will be eight quizzes (minimum),

two written exams,

and one term paper.



Of course it won't read the books for you,

but you won't mind because you'll have

the following terrific novels and plays to read,

available in the USF Book Store

or from an online bookstore such as

"http//www.amazon.com" or "http//www.bn.com" or www.addall.com

or on reserve in the USF Library:



Bernard Shaw’s Man and Superman

D. H. Lawrence’s  Lady Chatterley’s Lover

E. M. Forster’s A Passage to India

Kurt Vonnegut’s  Slaughterhouse-Five

Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon

Tom Robbins’ Skinny Legs and All

Tony Kushner’s Angels in America

Daniel Quinn's Ishmael

A Grammar Handbook





Taking a web course requires you

to have mastered basic computer skills

and to be able to upload and download email attachments.

It also assumes that if your computer and/or software

is not compatible with WINDOWS ME (Millennium Edition)

and/or WORD 2000,

you will take steps to make it so

or find a computer that is compatible.




After you have registered for the course


you need to get from this Welcome Page

to the course Home Page,

where all the action begins.

To do that, you must go the WebCT page at http://webct.acomp.usf.edu  or



To "login" you need a username and a password.

Your Username will be your USF NetID login.  You can determine your

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- Your initial Password for WebCT is your SSN, without spaces or

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If you need help logging into WebCT, please contact the Academic

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- email help-ac@usf.edu

- visit their Help Desk/Walk-In Clinic (LIB 608).

Websites that may help with specific problems are:

http://scholar.acomp.usf.edu/problems.html and

http://scholar.acomp.usf.edu/issuesWCTv3.html and


>From the Academic Computing Technologies web home,

http://www.acomp.usf.edu/  you can get online assistance by clicking

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If your login attempt does not succeed


you should take immediate action by emailing the instructor


as well as by contacting Academic Computing.

You may also get help by calling Educational Outreach

(813-974-6192 or 2996)

or by visiting the Outreach office in SVC 1072.


While waiting to get in, read the first assignment

--"The Revolutionist's Handbook"--

which you'll find after Bernard Shaw's play,

Man and Superman,

your second reading assignment.

(This book is available on-line at